August 30th, 2011

Phew, that's been a hell of a year!!
To be short:
I’ve been in =>DIARY OF DREAMS supporting =>UNHEILIG on tour, I joined =>APOPTYGMA BERZERK for the European tour 2010/2011 includig another UNHEILIG support shows, I left =>JESUS ON EXTASY, worked with =>FREI.WILD and =>STAR SOUNDS ORCHESTRA, gave about 480 piano lessons and played shows with =>ANDY BRINGS, =>DIE KASSIERER and even =>JUST PINK!

I’m a bit exhausted I guess... But that enormous variety gives me the inspiration I need, the rollercoaster made me grow inside.
During all the stress and chaos I still managed to record brandnew stuff staying myself – the work at my second album reaches it’s final stage...

February 21st, 2010

1. A new show is confirmed for the >>> M'era Luna Festival 2010! Watch the new >>> dates! Their number will increase very soon!

2. I play piano with the new German rock shooting star >>> Andy Brings! >>> Here's the video of our new song!

August 31th, 2009

You know what? That!

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August 30th, 2009

I just used my internet abstinence to gather news. I know that on web 2.0 it's more usual to post the news one by another, but I guess I suffer from compulsive hoarding, anyway:
1. I'm finally on >>>TWITTER!

2. I finally publish my lyrics at the Leandra >>> forum

3. I have new merchandise shops! Order order order!









March 5th, 2009

The phone rings and Philip BoaÕs agency is there, inviting me to play two spontaneous support gigs for him.
I donÕt say no and now youÕre invited! (>>> dates-area)
For the gig in Bochum all tickets ordered at webmaster[at] will cost 16Û instead of 18Û! After both gigs thereÕll be an authograph session and shirts, buttons, stickers and posters en masse!
So see you there!
With love and keys,

October 1st, 2008

Back to the roots - back to the RUHRPOTT - Leandra in Duisburg! (>>> dates-area)

October 1st, 2008

A new confirmed date in Frankfurt! Yippi ya yey, motherfuckers! (>>> dates-area)

September 5th, 2008 - Leandra on tour/first video/hitting the charts

1. Leandra is going to conquer Switzerland on Halloween! (>>> dates-area)
2. The DVD of Die weisse Tour featuring Leandra hit the German DVD charts on the 4th position during the first week of release!
3. Leandra is currently working on her first music video! (>>> forum)

May 10th, 2008 - LEANDRA on tour - Attention!

Due to organisational problems the gigs in Chemnitz and Frankfurt had to be postponed. But instead there is a new confirmed date... (>>> dates-area)
See you there!

April 18th, 2008 - LEANDRA on tour!

Unfortunatelly the LEANDRA show on May 10th in Zurich had to be cancelled, but there will be a few dates instead... (>>> dates-area)

February 22nd, 2008 - "Metamorphine" out now!

My debut album "Metamorphine" is out today, e.g. at fan4z [fanforce] - merchandising.

...and of course in the Drakkar downloadshop!

February 21st, 2008 - Die weisse Tour!

Tomorrow LETZTE INSTANZ start Die weisse Tour featuring a lot of famous guestmusicians [and LEANDRA!!!] - more information in the dates-area and at

February 14th, 2008 - New interviews online

- (downoad the .pdf-file!)
- GOTHIC Magazine (at your local kiosk)

January 26th, 2008 - Letzte Instanz or Jesus On Extasy?

For some of you it might be confusing to notice that my next tourdates collide a bit: During the tour with Letzte Instanz I will NOT play in Bologna with Jesus On Extasy. They've found a worthy representative for this gig so everyone of us is happy! Hope, you're allright with this. Unfortunately my efforts to clone myself did't avail so far...


January 2008 - "Metamorphine" & more

My first album "Metamorphine" is finished and includes the duet "The Art Of Dreaming" featuring Sven Friedrich (Zeraphine/Dreadful Shadows/Solar Fake) which you can listen to on Myspace.
By the way I've recorded some piano and vocals for the new unplugged album "Das Weisse Lied" by Letzte Instanz who are going to take me on tour which starts just at the same day "Metamorphine" will be released. And don't you worry, I'll take it with me! Namely there:

22.02.2008 Peterskirche - Leipzig (GER)
23.02.2008 Markuskirche - Hannover (GER)
24.02.2008 Passionskirche - Berlin (GER)
25.02.2008 Christuskirche - Bochum (GER)
26.02.2008 Schlachthof - Bremen (GER)
27.02.2008 Musikhalle - Ludwigsburg (GER)
28.02.2008 Kulturzentrum - Mainz (GER)
29.02.2008 Löwensaal - Nürnberg (GER)
01.03.2008 Illipse - Illingen (GER)
02.03.2008 Lukaskirche - Dresden (GER)

December 23rd, 2007 - "Metamorphine" order now!

You can pre-order my debut album "Metamorphine" now, e.g. at fan4z [fanforce] - merchandising.

October 2007 - Three brain-ripping news at one time!

  1. I've signed a record deal with DRAKKAR ENTERTAINMENT, the home label of my bandmates from JESUS ON EXTASY, the Eurovision Song Contest winner LORDI, LETZTE INSTANZ, DE/VISION, former label of NIGHTWISH and home of many other great artists!
  2. My DEBUT ALBUM will be in stores on FEBRUARY 22ND!! I just don't know the title...
  3. I'm working on a yet another stunning project with some old friends!
    For more information click!
the piano has been drinking,

March 2007!

Still working at the new EP I have now joined the new industrial-rock sensation Jesus On Extasy under the porn-like pseudonym Ophelia Dax! Check and enjoy us on tour!!!

JoE supporting Letzte Instanz:
31.03.2007 Alter Schlachthof - Lingen (GER)
01.04.2007 Tivoli - Bremen (GER)
02.04.2007 Forum - Bielefeld (GER)
03.04.2007 Matrix - Bochum (GER)

JoE supporting Dope Stars Inc.:
23.05.2007 Logo - Hamburg (GER)
24.05.2007 Pulp - Duisburg (GER)
25.05.2007 Roxy - Saarbrücken (GER)
26.05.2007 Falkendom - Bielefeld (GER)
28.05.2007 Knaack - Berlin (GER)
29.05.2007 Paradox - Ingolstadt (GER)
09.06.2007 Salamandra - Barcelona (ESP)

JoE - Festival:
17.06.2007 Woodstage Open Air @ Gründelpark - Glauchau (GER)

July 2006!

My dear friends!
Sorry for not motioning to you such a long time! I dwell in other countless spheres - too much bad luck for a little girl like me...
...but IÕm working on new material! I want to afford you the best youÕve ever heard and finally to see your enchanted eyes from a stage, so thank you for your patience!

With multitasking greetings,

June 2005!

Thanks to Letzte Instanz for the amazing performance of "Lie To Me"!

April 2005!

The following dates with RYA are confirmed:

Single Shows:
22.04.2005 Havanna - Iserlohn (GER)
03.09.2005 Rider«s - Lübeck (GER)
22.09.2005 Unplugged @ Künstlerhaus Kempten - Kempten (GER)
23.09.2005 Club Sonneck - Kempten (GER)

Support for Letzte Instanz:
09.06.2005 Waschhaus - Potsdam (GER)
10.06.2005 Faust - Hannover (GER)

29.07.2005 Thalia Open Air "Gothische Nacht" - Schweriner Schloss (GER)

January 2005!

Soon Leandra will go on her third tour with RYA, where she'll perform some of her new songs.

December 2004!

Leandra's work at the six track EP has been finished successfully with a little help from Oli (Letzte Instanz). Thx a lot!

November 2004!

Be patient...Leandra`s working on the new six track EP. Some unexpected jobs have to be done....stay tuned - you`ll be informed!

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